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Friday, March 30, 2012

Presto Manifesto!

the one about praying for Kerry to land a new job....?
Came true only weeks after that post.
Kerry will be starting a new position in a few months where he will be taking over a local investment office here in Nelson.
A well established gig....
Let's just say a nice big promotion.
We are so grateful.
He worked so hard for this and deserves the opportunity.
I guess God agrees.
For the next few months he's just freshening up on his skills, but we patiently await.
On the note of my "stressful" job?
Well, days after that post, I was told I needn't come back to the college full time after that Xmas break....and so even though I was sad thinking of missing my girls,
I was also greatly relieved.
One job.
1/2 the stress
0 of the politics
Oh to be one's own boss...:)
Things are quite grand.

The only complaint right now in my life is a few people who are taking advantage of me.
My heart is actually heavy with disappointment of how some people can just really put themselves first and not even consider others involved in a situation.
I try to do a favor and I get shafted.
Give an inch, they take a mile...
Wolves in Sheeps clothing...
You should be ashamed.
It's not fair.

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