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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Healthy Role Models: Fit to the Core 
Fall Challenge 2015

Well the chaos of back to school has died down a bit, not to mention the buzz of registration for the HRM-FTTC program! 
I am so thrilled with the number of new brave women who have decided to take control of their lives or just challenge themselves that little bit more by trusting this program and committing. 
I decided to continue posting on Facebook about my successes and love for the group and program leading up to the registration in hopes of motivating my personal Facebook friends to join! 
I have this burning desire to help others take the plunge.
It's almost an obsession! Lol!
As I tried to understand why this obsession was so grand, I realized it is mainly because of how impactful the program was for me in such a positive way, and how attainable the end goal was, and that really surprised me.
The buzz was out.
I started getting messages with questions about this and that...people expressing they wanted to give the challnge 
a try but we're afraid of failing.
Even though I had been in their shoes with the EXACT same fears, I am now just baffled by this scenario.
If we are being tormented most of our adult lives by chronic yo-yo dieting and exercising, starting, quitting, fighting and reasoning with that voice in our head...
And if we want to break free from that ongoing chaos SO BADLY, and we fear failing SO MUCH,
then how can we 100% GUARANTEE we will reach our goals and NOT fail?
Who holds the key to this success? 
It's really that Simple!
If you don't want to fail, then DO NOT allow yourself to fail!
The only "fail" in this program is to quit!
If you commit, show up, push and keep going, then it doesn't matter how big or small the steps...you will eventually get there! 
And it gets better....
You EVEN have the control over how quickly you get there! 
I'm a very impatient person, ask my husband ;) so I decided I wanted to start out in this challenge by taking smaller steps (so to not overwhelm myself and quit all together) but as soon as I felt the least bit comfortable, I started taking BIG STEPS. 
I figured, if I'm putting in any effort at all, and if my time is as precious to me as it is, I wanted to really make it count.
I was also afraid that if I didn't see significant changes in my body and my mind by the end of the 12weeks, then I might be tempted to stop at the end of the twelve weeks and I knew I would need this to become a permanent way of life.
So I leaped!
The simple concept of "you can really have whatever it is that you want", is just a switch in the brain that you have to find and click on.
Once it's on, it doesn't go off, and I'm finding now, it's moving to other aspects of my life, like getting more organized, and becoming more financially responsible etc.
Such a gift.
Back to the HRM:FTTC registration....
I was truthfully moved to tears when I opened my messages one day a week before registration and my very best friends were considering joining this challenge with me.
It's a lonely place to be when something so exciting and positive has taken over your life and there's
nobody who really gets it. When it's all you want to talk about because it's the core of who you are! 
But everyone just smiles and nods and you feel like they don't really want to hear about it 
I am also thrilled that these women, who've like me, struggled with fad diets and workout plans and struggled with self image issues are  going to be able to find their freedom and strength! 
Since receiving the message that they were all joining, I've received lots more messages from other Facebook friends, old, new, friends from my adult cancer community (YACC), family members, even male friends messaged me wanting to join! (It's a women's only program).
So as of Sunday, when the registration closed, I was moved to discover that 18 other women that I know, had decided to join this warm and empowering community..
It's a very exciting thing, to see how impactful our actions can be.
All this time I thought my HRM POSTS AND SELFIES were collecting nothing but eye-rolls,
They were actually making an impact!
Just as SO many people inspire me on a daily basis, whether they know it or not...
The obese woman speed walking along the lake, the relative that has lost inches from eating healthier, 
The group of ladies coming together to tackle weekly crossfit classes..
All of my fellow HRM's!
They've all been a huge part in bringing me to this place and keeping me motivated.
Never underestimate the power of a Ripple Effect!

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